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Have you guys noticed that not only recently Instagram changed the way it displays feed's videos but also now we have what is called "Guides" and "IG AR filters" options on the profile feed?

Here in this blog post, we will cover the following:

  1. What are IG AR filters?

  2. Why should you make one?

  3. How do you make one?

  4. What are Guides?

  5. Why you should make one?

So first let me show you what I am talking about. Here is the feed.

IG image from

When you go to an Instagram profile you'd notice that you see these two icons. One that looks like the newspaper is called "guide" and the one with the shiny icon is called AR filters.

1. IG AR Filters

inside of the filters, you will see all the AR filters this profile published for the public to use.

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with young audiences.

Instagram Stories were utilized by 500 million accounts per day in 2019, and 67 percent of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29. Since 2017, Instagram Stories has incorporated augmented reality filters. Instagram Stories have just taken augmented reality to a new level. Today, users may develop their OWN interactive AR filters using the Facebook-owned platform Spark AR Studio.

While this tool may not be appropriate for all businesses, it is a terrific choice for brands looking to reach out to younger Instagram users.

2. Why you want to publish your own AR filter

  • Increasing brand awareness. Since these filters are accessible to anyone, people shop around to find the filters that they like. It is a chance for you to appear in front of your potential customer

  • Personalizing your brand. By making a custom filter personalizes and differentiates your brand from others in the eyes of consumers

  • Arbitrage Opportunity. This feature is relatively new still so not many more brands are doing it yet* so you can take advantage of this arbitrage

  • Appeal to the younger generation As mentioned, younger users use stories a lot so you get to appear in front of young audiences

Example of a filter by coca cola

3. How do you make your own filter?

  • Download Spark AR Studio.

  • Decide what effect you want to add to the filter

  • Open Studio

  • Upload a 3D asset (Choose it from the AR Library or import your own)

  • Edit what the filter does ( behavior)

  • Test your filter by sending it to IG and FB

  • Publish

4. What are Guides?

Instagram has introduced Instagram Guides, a new format for presenting curated, scrollable content. Users will be able to share and consume useful ideas and advice in an easy-to-digest style thanks to the new functionality.

5. Why you should make one?

Each format is tailored to the demands of the developer. Posts, for example, may be used to organize a thread of Instagram posts with custom headlines and commentary (that you've made or saved).

This is a very adaptable format that may be used to convey ideas, tell tales, and offer advice or direction. Here is one example of guides.

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