How Much Does A Country Manager Make In A Year?

Country Managers' responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for managing, directing, and acting on behalf of a foreign branch of the company (based on the authorization of the parent company).

  • Responsibility for the ongoing implementation and achievement of the defined financial plan.

  • Inspecting the process compliance in the company.

  • Designing the short-term and long-term strategy of the company.

  • Designing and approving new opportunities to gain profit.

  • Representing the company at important business meetings and negotiations.

  • Communicating with members of senior management of the company and other departments.

  • Completing and sending regular reports to the parent company.

Regular path to be a country manager:

Prior to becoming a country manager, an employee likely to position in key roles like 1) managing director, 2) Sales director, 3) Key account manager.

Salary For A Country Manager:

Average Salary Is : $102,887

Typical Bonus Is : $21,988, Typical Commission: $26,500, Typical Profit Sharing: $21,520

Graph from PayScale

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