Advantages of outsourcing

When developing a new business overseas, the method of hiring overseas agencies and human resources as they are to proceed with the project is the most cost-effective and the project can be carried out efficiently.

The following steps are required to develop a new business. 1) Market research Preliminary research is required when launching a business, regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas. Benefits of hiring a local agency service: Cost reduction due to efficiency and no waste Rich in local knowledge There is no language wall I understand the culture, psychology, and progress of the area as a local.

2) Manufacturing / localization

Whether it's a physical product, a digital product like software, or simply a skill, a "sell" design is essential. Even when selling existing domestic products overseas, localization such as branding is required accordingly.

For example, product package design changes, product description translations, service localization, and other “selling” product, software, and service development tailored to national and customer needs are critical to success. For such "localization" of "things to sell", it is ideal to be able to develop while actually receiving guidance from a local consultant in addition to the field survey conducted in advance.

3) Marketing / PR

Marketing and public relations activities play a huge role in sales promotion. Unless you hire an expert who knows all about the local information, such as what kind of message should be sent to which media and channel to obtain the highest ROI result in developing the market overseas, try it. Trial and error is required. As a result, many companies often spend more than they need to. By hiring local services as they are, you can use localized solutions, reduce the probability of failure, and execute marketing and PR at low cost.

4) Sale

In promoting sales overseas, I would like to have local sales destination knowledge and connections. However, trying to promote in a new location takes more time and effort than hiring a local sales promotion expert to do it. In the meantime, there is also the risk that competitors will find a seller first.

The most efficient and low-budget solution to this inconvenience is to hire an overseas agency service directly and have them engage in manufacturing, business development, marketing, and sales promotion on their behalf. You can develop a new project with.

When you want to hire an overseas business, you can use the following portal sites.

A business portal with corporate information from a wide range of industries.


A business portal site that boasts the largest number of registered companies in Europe.

There are 2.6 million registered companies.

3.Free index

The largest marketplace in the UK.

We have more than 1 million registered users and more than 400,000 company information.


Global B2B Market place


Membership-based cloud business network. metrix

B2B Market Place 7.applegate

BtoB marketplace for the manufacturing industry.

If you use such a portal site, you can search for a local service for free.

I think there are some concerns about hiring foreigners: language, cultural differences, communication, etc.

What should I do to manage it?

Please be assured. With ForeignConnect, we can help you with partner proposals, negotiations, project operations and management.

The process is as follows.

1) Learning needs

2) Clarification of tasks

3) Search for overseas partners

4) Overseas partner advance, negotiation, employment

5) Project management

6) Report

With Foreign Connect, you can hire overseas solutions at low prices and hustle-free while you are in Japan.

Please check this out for details.

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