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Japanese partner development / idea competition

Marketing, digital marketing, branding, public relations, and promotion can strategically gather local insights and data before fully addressing the relocation to Japan. To do this, we recommend hiring an agency that provides marketing services in the area you are considering relocating.

The best way is to use a service like ForeignConnect to find a local distributor and establish a local operation.

Japanese partner development builds relationships with companies (agencies, vendors) that serve clients and monitors vendors to deliver high quality services on time and to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations. You can manage the relationship.

Also, in the idea competition, you can solicit ideas for global campaigns from multiple local agencies and hire a team to adopt the ideas as they are.

By hiring a local team, you get the following insights without any language or cultural gaps ...

Is there a demand?

How much demand are there?


Who is your customers?

Why do they buy your product?

What is the customer journey like?


What is your unique brand proposition?

Insight on how you can position your brand to create sales

Why Hiring ForeignConnect & Local Agencies, and Not a Brunch of A Major American Marketing Corporation?


Friendly Costs

Although we are flexible with customers' needs, we typically have stronger relationships with local startups and Small-Medium sized businesses that we can offer the best and flexible pricing for our clients.


Local Insights & Speed

One of the weaknesses  companies tend to face thriving in an unknown market is not knowing what to do. By using ForeignConnect's service, you can hire a local agency that can lead your project with a speed.


Working With Multiple Agencies

By using ForeignConnect's service, clients can window shop options with multiple agencies without committing to one major agency's Japanese branch so you can find a plan that is truly suitable for your problem.

Who This Is For

US companies that want to actually sell their products without establishing a business in Japan


US companies that want to hire authentic local marketing agencies directly instead of US marketing agency' branches without language or cultural barriers


US companies wanting to access the global talent pool without being bothered by cultural and language barriers


US companies wanting to find long-term partners in Japan


US companies who want to solicit campaign ideas from multiple local marketing agencies


Digital Marketing

  • Japanese Voice SEO 

  • Japanese Social Media Marketing

  • Site Analytics

  • Japanese Social Media Ads

  • In-site Marketing In Japanese

  • Japanese E-mail Marketing

  • Japanese SNS Marketing

  • Japanese E-commerce  

  • Marketing

  • Japanese Community building and management



  • Japanese Website Design

  • Japanese Brand Identity

  • Brand Style Guide

  • Japanese Brand Messaging

  • Japanese Brand Positioning

  • Japanese Brand Voice

  • Japanese Contents Creation

  • Japanese Social Media Branding



  • Japanese Influencer Marketing

  • Japan Media Planning

  • Japan Communication Design

  • Japan PR Event Managements

  • Japan Media Relationships Development


Sales Development

  • Japan Market Validation Research

  • Japan Market Research

  • Japanese Sales Channel Development

  • Pop Up Stores Set Up

  • Japan Convention Attending

  • Japanese Affiliate marketing

What You Get (For Example...)

6-18 months "the ready to be carried out market launch strategy." You will get a clear direction in

1. Communication

2. Brand direction

3. Business goals

It can look something like 2 PR campaigns, 3 digital marketing campaigns, 2 creative campaigns, etc ...


Market native professionals who are already trained and ready to work on your project the next day. Depending on your budget, we can prepare small to large teams. We are completely flexible in connecting you with any kind of agency you want to hire.

I want to find
a global partner

Conduct a hearing session with a client to understand their goals, needs, and current business situation in the target country.


We will confirm the job description, responsibilities, content and requirements with the client, contact local agencies and select a few qualified agencies available.


We select the agency based on industry experience, capabilities, quality standards, budget suitability etc. and conclude contracts. We provide vendors with training in client business processes and quality standards.

I want to recieve strategic ideas from multiple  foreign marketing agencies

Conduct a hearing session with a client to understand their goals, needs, and current business situation in the target country.


Ask multiple local agencies to propose marketing campaigns based on the client's goals and problems.

Get the campaign presentation and hire the agency the client like the most. We provide vendors with training in client business processes and quality standards.

If you do everything in-house

When partnering with FC


It takes time and money to educate internal team members from scratch on the local market

Training is less time consuming and costly as we hire marketing experts who are already familiar with local information.


Companies often don't know how to get started in marketing to a foreign market natively. With the help of FC and a local agency, they can overcome this problem.

By hiring local services, you can execute strategies that take into account not only communication gaps created by language and cultural differences, but also insights of local consumers.